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Super soirée rencontre avec les pionniers du trapèze au québec. AllezVoir le video de cette soirée nostalgique.

Flying Trapeze


The center Trapeze le voltigeur offers a safe environment, an atmosphere of camaraderie and relaxation incomparable in a unique and enchanting surroundings.

The flying trapeze is a different activity and fun. Whatever your level, our qualified instructors will allow you to learn at your pace, and confidently.
You hover over a net at all times and be equipped with a safety harness.

Come experience the magic of the circus with us !!!

* Sessions Daily
* Private Sessions
* Organized Groups
* Birthday Parties
* Corporate Challenges
* Extracurricular Activities
* Summer Camps

Gift Certificate

logoGive a certificate gift for one or several sessions. For sale directly at the Trapèze le Voltigeur center. You may contact us by phone at 450-661-0880.

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